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About us

We are a Company who has been operating in the biomass heating sector for more than 70 years.

During all this time, we have successfully contributed to the developing and strenghtening of the domestic alternative power market. From the good old-fashioned "wood kitchen range cooker" of the 50s, which provided heat, food cooking and hot water, to increasingly qualified commodities, we installed products with high technological and aesthetic content in the homes of thousands of families.

We foster the ambition to combine functionality and style, quality and beauty in our offers, with the aim of trasforming the winter cold into a pleasant and warm emotion to share with both family and friends.


Always moving with the times, our company offers and accurate range of products to its customers. We will provide you with expert and professional advice with surveys at your house to guide you in your choice. To help you with your purchase, we also support you with by the book planning, installation and certification of the whole system and a number of tax incentives (Conto Termico 2.0, Bonus Casa, EcoBonus, reduces VAT, 0% financing, with discounts and deductions up to 65%).

Moreover, we launch today an extraordinary production-cost sale of unique and rare items. You will find the very last pieces

of the most iconic products offered at the mere purchase costThis is an incredible offer: 50 products, 50.000 € in discounts.

We are giving you a unique chance to strike a bargain and fill your homes with products from the best brands in the industry.

We offer Made in Italy icons such as Rizzoli, De Manincor, Sergio Leoni, Edilkamin and La Nordica - Extraflame, along with

renowned European market leaders like Austroflamm, Hwam and Stûv at unparalleled terms.

We also ship all over Italy without any additional charge.

We look forward to haveing you in our showroom, otherwise please contact us at:



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